OWASP Kyiv Winter 2022 ONLINE Meetup

Dmytro Kavun

Born and raised in Ukraine, Dmytro has lived in the United States for over the past 20 something years. With nearly 20 years of professional experience in IT, the last 13 of them Dmytro has dedicated to cybersecurity. His strong expertise has been especially helpful in his active volunteering for and mentoring of Ukrainian veterans in obtaining a new profession in IT within our Veteranius project. Started volunteering with "Razom for Ukraine" US non-profit organization as Maidan unfolded in 2014, Dmytro has been involved in a variety of various projects since then - Toy Drive - supporting children of wounded and killed Ukrainian soldiers, organizing music concerts, etc. More recently Dmytro joined the Board of Directors of Razom organization.
Veteranius: https://veteranius.razomforukraine.org
Razom: http://razomforukraine.org


What I learned while teaching Cybersecurity to Ukrainian Veterans

Recently Ukraine has been at the forefront of the world news due to active war phases occurring on multiple operational areas: physical, cyber, informational, etc. In this presentation I share my story and ideas about how Ukrainian veterans can we help address cybersecurity situation in Ukraine.