OWASP Kyiv Winter 2022 ONLINE Meetup

What I learned while teaching Cybersecurity to Ukrainian Veterans
2022-02-26, 15:00–15:30, ZOOM

Recently Ukraine has been at the forefront of the world news due to active war phases occurring on multiple operational areas: physical, cyber, informational, etc. In this presentation I share my story and ideas about how Ukrainian veterans can we help address cybersecurity situation in Ukraine.

There are almost half a million war veterans in Ukraine. These are people who have defended territorial integrity of their country. Many (if not all) possess critical skillsets of operating under stress, commitment to mission and teamwork. When veterans are back to civil life, they are faced with a number of problems - discrimination, lack of professional job prospects, financial hardships, PTSD and so on. Veterans are dedicated and committed individuals that deserve respect and a better life. IT and cybersecurity can be one of the ways to positively influence their lives. And how others can help as well.