“Top Mobile Applications Vulnerabilities” Svyat Login · Talk (40 minutes)

Every year mobile applications become more and more, but very few people pay attention to the security of this application, when during development. Since the business is aimed only at tearing off a bigger piece of users who will use this application, and they are paying attention to the privacy of…

“Scan, Discovery, Exploit & Repeat” Israel Guzman · Workshop (80 minutes)

The security of the computer systems goes through a crucial moment, this talk will help you understand the challenges that Cyber Security demands. Israel will show you how to prevent and best practices. In addition, it will inform you of the opportunities that this industry offers.

“Saturday Day Live with CSP” Artur Hil · Talk (40 minutes)

Content Security Policy. What? Why? How?

“Как manual QA может протестировать проект со стороны security + XSS” Evgeny Tolchinsky · Talk (40 minutes)

We will see basic security check based on OWASP top 10 that can test manual QA without specific knowledge

“Web Application Security Quiz” Serhii Korolenko · Talk (40 minutes)

A Web Application Security quiz for everyone in the audience. All you need to play is a smartphone. All you need to win is the appsec knowledge.

“How to Find Security Vulnerabilities in Python Applications?” Andrey Shalaenko · Talk (40 minutes)

The talk is about Python security

“Ruby Security Tips” Roman Rott · Talk (40 minutes)

In this talk, Roman is going to provide a few tips on how to prevent potential security problems in Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails apps based on the OWASP Top-10.