OWASP Kyiv Winter 2022 ONLINE Meetup

“How to make PHP WEB applications less vulnerable?” Deleted User · Talk 60 (60 minutes)

Hi, I'm Kostia. Currently, I work as a Software Engineer at GOG.com. And I'd like to share some of my knowledge about WEB apps security.

“WordPress: Hacking and Securing” Sam Stepanyan · Talk 45 (45 minutes)

WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System, which makes it a lucrative target for cyber criminals. Thousands of WordPress-based websites get hacked daily and according to the GoDaddy report 90% of hacked websites in 2019 were running WordPress CMS. In this talk you will learn a…

“Red+Blue = Purple: specifics of offensive and defensive teams cooperation” Roman Draguntsov · Talk (30 minutes)

Red team operations can be effectively performed in close cooperation with the defensive (blue) team - this format differs in some key points from the classical redteaming or penetration testing. Organizational faults or wrong understanding of what is going on can decrease the overall effectiveness…

“Infrastructure as a code security scanning in CI/CD” Volodymyr Skorupskyi · Talk (30 minutes)

Current speech is about security scanners which will help you to find misconfigurations and follow best practices for terraform and similar IAC tools in CI/CD. The main goal of topic is to teach you how to protect your project with the best suitable tool.

“What I learned while teaching Cybersecurity to Ukrainian Veterans” Dmytro Kavun · Talk (30 minutes)

Recently Ukraine has been at the forefront of the world news due to active war phases occurring on multiple operational areas: physical, cyber, informational, etc. In this presentation I share my story and ideas about how Ukrainian veterans can we help address cybersecurity situation in Ukraine.

“threat modeling all the things . why do we need it. how to achieve it.” Nadia Klymenko · Talk (30 minutes)

what if i tell you that security vulnerabilities could be find before the pen test and sometimes before coding the functionality. if it sounds interesting to you - please, visit my talk and get some new information about thread modeling process and it implementation in the company

“Новини стратегічної кібербезпеки, Winter-2021-2022” Kostiantyn Korsun · Talk (30 minutes)

Огляд новини стратегічної кібербезпеки України та Світу, які хтось міг пропустити, але які важливо знати.