OWASP Ukraine 2020 Online

Anatolii Bereziuk

“OAuth2.0: What? Where? When?”

Eduard Kiiko

“OWASP JuiceShop Workshop”

Julia Potapenko

“React Native Security: Addressing Typical Mistakes.”

Kostiantyn Korsun

“Безпека додатку Дія - "Оскар" чи "Золота малина"?”

Maksym Khramov

“6 digit OTP for Two Factor Auth (2FA) is brute-forceable in 3 days”

Oksana Safronova

“OWASP JuiceShop Workshop”

Pawel Rzepa

“Serverless security: attack & defense”

Philippe Humeau

“Leveraging the crowd power to regain faith in Internet’s zero trust architecture”

Serhii Korolenko

“OWASP JuiceShop Workshop”